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Valls Grand Opening

Valls Grand Opening

Griffith Foods Opens New Manufacturing, Product Development & Culinary Center in Valls, Spain

Valls, Spain location expands manufacturing, product development and culinary capabilities in Southern Europe and surrounding Region

Griffith Foods Worldwide Inc. and Griffith Foods S.A., the company’s business unit in Spain, is proud to introduce our newest manufacturing, product development and culinary center located in Valls, Spain.

The Valls plant expands the company’s dry blending of seasonings and enhances Griffith’s sauce production and packaging capabilities throughout Europe. This extension of capabilities is designed to meet the large and growing demand for premium sauces and other customized ingredients.

The new manufacturing plant is also securing and increasing jobs in the Catalonia region, currently employing 51 full time jobs, 21 additional spots since the move to Valls. Griffith Foods newest manufacturing plant is also designed to achieve Halal certification, allowing Griffith to serve even more customers in multiple regions outside Spain and Europe.

In line with consumer and market needs

“It’s not that the market is just growing; it’s already sizeable and there’s an opportunity and a need to meet the demand,” Kristel Moens, Griffith Foods’ Europe marketing manager said. “Before designing our new production plant, we launched a market study to understand not only the product requirements, but also capabilities like packaging to ensure we can deliver what our customers need.”

Marco Coelman, European head of liquids process engineering for Griffith Foods, said the market study indicated flexibility in production and packaging were important factors in design and development of the new plant in Spain.

“We designed the cooking process in such a way that we can use multiple paths to create the product while maintaining hygiene and quality,” Coelman said. “We are always looking to continuously improve – to be better, more effective. That will help us grow and satisfy market needs. We are setup to create and develop our sauces in line with evolving market and consumer expectations.”

Ensuring future growth together with our customers

Griffith Foods began the process of building the new business unit in the summer of 2014 through the purchase of an existing, but empty, warehouse in Valls, near the existing factory in Puigpelat, Spain. In addition to the sauce and dry blending manufacturing areas, the new site includes a culinary kitchen and product development capabilities.

Àlex Astruc, Griffith Foods Valls site manager, said the company originally considered expanding the current location to meet capacity demands until global leadership suggested further refinement.

“As we were engaged in conversation with our global leaders, Brian Griffith, who was then vice chairman of the company, challenged us as to how we would continue to meet future growth in the region,” Astruc said. “That was the right question to ask, and as we completed market studies, we realized the best course of action was to create a new plant that supports growth for coming decades.”

Continuing to Live our Purpose for almost 100 years

Griffith Foods first entered the Spain market in 1982 through the leadership of Dean Griffith, the third-generation Griffith family member to head the company. The additional investment in the new manufacturing location demonstrates the continued commitment of the organization to the region.

Griffith Foods is now headed by Brian Griffith, Dean Griffith’s son, and the fourth-generation family member serving as Chairman of the Board.

Valls is located less than 10 kilometers from Griffith’s existing location in Puigpelat. Throughout the first half of 2017, the company will migrate all development and production capabilities to the new site.

Sustainability through a holistic approach to People, Planet and Performance:


Fundamental to Griffith Foods’ ethos as a company is a deep-rooted commitment to employees, partners and the surrounding community. As one example, the new Valls location has several areas of the building which use a system of mirrors to bring in natural light to the interior of the plant. Natural light has been shown to improve the quality of life through improving sleep and contributing to more physical activity, according to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

The Griffith plant is significantly larger than the previous plant in Spain, with added capacity and capabilities. To meet the larger production capacity, Griffith is hiring personnel from the community. Additionally, the company has partnered with agencies in the local community to provide job training for the unemployed in the region. Those trained at the Griffith Spain plant will also have an opportunity to be hired with the company.

Griffith believes, that as a food company, the organization has a special commitment to feeding those who are hungry. Every year – like in all Griffith Foods locations around the world – the Valls plant will participate in “Produce for Hunger”: a one-day, company-wide event to produce and donate food. Griffith’s Spain location produces soup blends for those who are in need or suffer from hunger, and donates the products to local food banks and feeding organizations.


Purchasing an existing and empty building allowed the Griffith team to design and fully customize the layout and equipment. It also provided an efficient route to achieving LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council, the organization which oversees LEED certification in over 164 countries.

In alignment with Griffith’s commitment to Sustainability, the plant is Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certified by the US Green Building Council LEED-certified buildings take many aspects of operating efficiently into account, such as emissions, energy usage, and impact on the environment. The certification also ensures there’s a healthy work environment for all employees, such as setup for proper ergonomics and other employee safety and wellness factors.


Griffith Foods’ global headquarters is based near Chicago, USA, where we started almost 100 years ago. Today, the organization has an active presence in more than 30 countries. As a global company product development partner working with almost every segment of the the food industry, Griffith focuses on creating on-trend, culinary inspired and fully-customized value-added products. The combination of a robust global presence and European and local understanding of taste and texture is driving growth and innovation in the food industry and with their partners.

Moens stated Griffith’s product development, culinary and manufacturing capabilities enables the company to continue providing food for consumers around the world, both now and in the future. “We are very proud that the new Valls facility is enhancing our capabilities and expanding our capacity, which will allow us to serve the customers that count on Griffith Foods’ strengths and expertise,” Moens said. “We are excited to continue developing the right culinary concepts for the ever-increasing and demanding consumers. We are prepared for the future!”

Sustainably Creating Better Together

For Astruc, the hiring practices, LEED certification and building practices are all components of Griffith’s triple-bottom-line approach to Sustainability.

“Sustainability is embedded in the way we do business,” Astruc said. “When we built the plant, it was designed to help the business succeed while still prioritizing the people; it’s about caring for people, protecting our environment, and serving our customers and the community.”

Moens supported Astruc’s convictions.

“Our Purpose is to blend care and creativity to nourish the world,” Moens said. “This project has brought many people together, utilizing a diversity of ideas and expertise to create innovative processes. Both our involvement in the community and the products we create will nourish the world in their own ways. The launch of this new site will certainly help us live our Purpose.”