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Our Experts
Jennifer Neate is Director of Marketing for Griffith Foods Canada. Since joining Griffith in 1999, she eats, sleeps and breathes consumer insights, innovative product concepts and sensory science.
Chef Trinidad Subercaseaux is the Corporate Executive Chef for Central & South America. Originally from Chile, Chef Trini has lived and worked around the world and blends her passion for travel, music and nature into her on-trend culinary creations.
Shea started with Griffith Foods in the Summer of 2015 as a marketing intern. She's now working with the marketing team as a Consumer Insights Analyst to provide our partners with up-to-date information on the newest and upcoming trends.
Julie is a Sensory Scientist at Griffith Foods with 10+ years of experience in the field. She combines her sensory experience with a Masters degree in Nutrition Education to provide unique insights about taste, experience, health and nutrition to Griffith Foods and their partners.
Giridhar is the Director of Griffith Sustainably Sourced and the Director of Purchasing at Griffith India. He has more than 22 years of experience in sourcing agricultural commodities such as spices, and is responsible for vertical integration of Griffith's supply chain.
Elyse is a Consumer Insights Analyst at Griffith Foods. She combines her love of food with energy, curiosity and a passion for market research to bring the latest food and consumer trends.
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