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2017 Protein Report
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by Elyse Link Consumer Sentiment on Protein Protein is a hot topic right now, with an increasing number of consumers turning to non-meat and non-poultry sources to...more
Consumer / Market Insight, Trends
Alternative Proteins
Albanian Sage Project
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by Giridhar Rao ​​Griffith Foods is proud to be the first company to source sage from Rainforest Alliance™ certified farms, located in the Albanian...more
People, Planet, Performance
What Can Seasoning Do For You?
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by Julie Drainville ​​​​ Our purpose at Griffith Foods is that “We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World.” Herbs and...more
Consumer / Market Insight, Culinary Expertise, Sensory Science, Trends, Applied Research
Seasonings, Coatings, Blends
Retailers, Foodservice
It's Getting Hot in Here
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by Shea Felde​​​Spicy food and calling out specific pepper heat sources is a hot trend in the food world right now, pun intended. This past November, the...more
Consumer / Market Insight, Culinary Expertise, Product Development
Blends, Sauces, Seasonings, Coatings
Foodservice, Retailers
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Map?
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by Shea Felde​This post was written by Shea Felde, who interned at Griffith Foods during the summer of 2015. She’s since been hired as a Consumer Insights...more
Consumer / Market Insight, Sensory Science, Trends
Blends, Coatings, Seasonings
Foodservice, Processors, Retailers
Summer Seasonings Spur Market Evolution
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by Jennifer Neate ​With dreams of the BBQ season in the middle of another cold winter, retailers and foodservice operators are gearing up...more
Consumer / Market Insight
Seasonings, Coatings
Processors, Retailers, Foodservice
Traditional Brazilian Flavors
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by Chef Trinidad Subercaseaux​​​In our market, we need to be constantly in evolution and aware of the trendy food born in the street, homes and restaurants. The...more
Culinary Expertise, Consumer / Market Insight, Trends
Sauces, Seasonings, Product & Program Highlights
Foodservice, Retailers, Distributors
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